NLC was founded in 2005 for the support of our community. When a child is struggling, a series of conflicted feelings occur. It can lower self-esteem and bewilder a child’s self-confidence. Here at NLC we find the good and build from there. It is a fun and intense place to come!

What We Do
NLC is a highly motivational and positive program. We are here to make the connection in every way possible. There are a variety of ways each child learns best. We find the learning style best suited for your child whether it be kinesthetically, verbally, or visually. We incorporate fine and gross motor skills to enhance the learning style to expedite the learning process. The bottom line is that whatever it takes, we make it happen!

SAT/ACT/GED/Regents Preparation

Student workshops consist of learning how to take the ACT/Regents/GED as well as learning the material to be tested. All SAT, ACT and Regents workshops are offered four consecutive Saturdays from 8-noon. Students can prepare at home using these video lessons and practice tests on the Best GED Classes website. These are free lessons so you can simply start learning without subscription!

A Teacher That Cares

Mrs. Green is an elementary teacher with oodles of experience in remediating and connecting with kids! She has dedicated her life to making students achieve their best by seeing their full potential. She taught 6th grade for seven years at St Mary’s in East Chicago Indiana, as well as first grade for three years at Blessed Sacrament in Gary Indiana.

Additionally, Mrs. Green was formerly an aide at Elementary School. She is a member of Who’s Who of American High School Students, a member of Dance Master’s of America, and a proud graduate of Purdue University. We invite you to journey with us and watch this amazing transformation! Thank you for visiting and please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Programs & Tuition

Individual/ Small Group Tutoring
All payments are kindly requested at the beginning of the month. If you enter the program anytime during the month you need only pay a partial payment. If NLC is closed for vacation, or inclement weather all classes will be rescheduled or coupons for weekend workshops will be distributed.

Reading Assessment
Our professionals will assess your child’s learning style, detect their shortcomings, and map out a successful plan to provide help.

Weekend Workshops

All workshops are on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Reading Workshops are from 8-10. Math workshops are from 10-12. Writing Workshops are from 12-2. Pre-registration is required. (Note, if there are not enough people registered, classes will not be available.)

Reading – The reading workshop is designed primarily for kindergarten through third grades. It promotes self- confidence in the mastery of sounds, blends, word endings, word families, oral reading, and comprehension. All of this is accomplished through a fun and hands-on way. Older students can use these online resources.

Math – One group is primarily for the concepts of addition and subtraction. (first and second grade) The second group is primarily multiplication and division. (third, fourth, fifth grade) Workshops are differentiated ensuring long-term memorization vs. short term. The math workshop also includes time for students to work on any specific math skill that is frustrating them. Along with these basic skills and strategies, we also reinforce that grade’s standards. For older students, we use this online Math program.

Writing Workshops – These are usually conducted on Saturday afternoons from twelve to two. Writing workshops emphasize the ability to write a themed paper in a specific amount of time. It is primarily to learn the writing prompt given for ISTEP. We use actual ISTEP material from previous years. We also refer to accredited online high school programs.

Homework Club

Your child may come to NLC and receive help with their homework until 5:00 PM. At five o’clock you pick up your child and their homework is successfully completed. If we notice that your child is having difficulty in a specific area then we will share that information with you. All payments are due at the beginning of each month.